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Richard Clark:

I am the Team Rector of the Holy Trinity Team Ministry which is in the Diocese of Worcester. I have been here nearly nine years. Before that I was Vicar of St Andrew's Nottingham for 21 years. I am married to Sue, and we have one son and two granddaughters, with a grandson due at the beginning of June. I am very excited about the opportunity to be in North East Derbyshire and I am looking forward to meeting people over the summer.
I was brought up as a nominal Christian before giving my life to Jesus when I was 18. I first encountered the gifts of the Holy Spirit towards the end of 1981, and I am enthusiastic about stirring up the ministries of God in other people. I have a great love of the Bible And I love to share the inches of God's word with others.
With so many things happening since the start of 2020 that have shaken our lives and lifestyles - and will continue to do so - many of us will be asking questions about our future. There is no better time to turn to Jesus, or to turn back to Him if you used to be part of a church. With the Lord, the future is bright and I long to be with you so that I share much more about this in the days, weeks, and years to come.
I look forward to meeting you in person in due course.

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